Have you ever heard the saying “riding on fumes” (to operate a vehicle that is extremely low on fuel)? This can be dangerous to do because you run the risk of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, putting your life at risk and causing frustration to yourself. 

The truth is we can find ourselves in seasons where we are riding on fumes. Where we are exhausted, but we still need to push, where our energy is running low and our resources are in the red, but we’re still expected to function at optimum capacity, though there’s very little enthusiasm. 

Where we put our hands to do something, only to have it crumble in our hands. We commit to doing something, only to have it not work out the way we’d envisioned. Have you ever looked up and wondered where did that passion go? Where did your fire for God go? Where did your passion and fire for life go? If you’re at this point, sis, you’re riding on fumes, your fuel is low. You need to stop and fill up on Grace before you crash or get stuck.  


Stop riding on fumes and rather ride on grace. Riding on grace is when you don’t know how it’s going to work out, when it will work out but you have peace within you because you know that your Father is going to work everything out for your good. Riding on grace is when you’re in the middle of a storm and everything around you gives you reasons to be anxious, but you choose to believe what the word of God says about whatever storm you’re facing. When you stand firm and say, ‘I might not know how, but I know Who’!Riding on Grace is when your bills are due and you know that your Father is already aligning the perfect route to get them paid. Grace allows you to rest because you know God will never leave you stranded; He will give you strategies to implement so you can come out victorious.

At times in my life when my faith was wavering, I would see God show up in major ways, and His grace towards me would fuel me up again. When you’re in a valley or a rough season of life you have to make a conscious decision not to ride of fumes, but rather ride of grace.When it gets tough, don’t turn away from God, but rather lean into Him, lean into His truth. No matter how hard things get, if you align yourself with His will and His purpose, everything will work out for your Good! (Romans 8:28)Riding on Grace allows major moves to happen in your life, you’ll stand amazed at how things came together for you. 

Riding on Grace allows major moves to happen in your life, you’ll stand amazed at how things came together for you.

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